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We have been in the automotive repair industry for over 30 years now. We take pride in taking care of our customers and their vehicles. We do our very best to accommodate every customer and give quantity discounts to continuing repeat customers. People appreciate the extra perks.

Licenses / Credentials :

• ASE Master Certification
• ASI L1 Master Certification
• ASE A/C Technician Certification
• ATI Technical Training On Various Levels
• AMI Automotive Management Training

We Specialize In:

  • Diagnose and Repair Check Engine or Service Engine Light
  • All General Mechanical, Diagnostic, Maintenance, Repairs, Breakdowns, Etc.
  • Noises Underneath Front End, Brakes, Engine, AC, Etc.
  • Collision Repair, Frame/Unibody Straightening and Painting
  • Headliners, Mig-Welding

A Kenner Auto Repair Service for efficient repairs

A Kenner Auto Repair Service can be relied on to help people who are in major accidents or broken down. It can prove to be very expensive to have your car repaired by a company whose reputation you don’t know. Gaining a trusting relationship with an experienced Kenner Auto Repair Service is important in making sure that any major service or repair will be done in a timely and affordable manner, especially in an emergency.

Kenner Auto Repair Service: Towing service

Auto repair shops offer a range of services. A professional Kenner Auto Repair Service is always eager to assist you. When you are stuck with a serious problem you can depend on a Kenner Auto Repair Service to tow your car to their shop and have their professional technical staff diagnose and repair it.

You should ask a Kenner Auto Repair Service if they tow as a part of the service. A Kenner Auto Repair Service may be able to tow you when you are stranded on the road depending on how far away you are located. Your Kenner Auto Repair Service will be give you an opportunity to find transportation home once your car has been towed to their shop. You can call a Kenner Auto Repair Service if your vehicle won’t start. They’ll check the battery first but if it’s something more serious that cant be immediately fixed, your car will need to be towed to their shop. Many times a car that won’t start in the morning just needs a battery jump to be put back into running condition. If your problem is a small one, then your local Kenner Auto Repair Service wouldn’t want to tow your car, especially if it is a gas or battery issue that the mechanic can easily fix and get you back on the road again.

Kenner Auto Repair Service: Repair

A professional Kenner Auto Repair Service provides a full-service garage for your make and model of vehicle. They will test and evaluate the problems of your car with their equipment. Many cars that are made today depend on the computers and sensors in their motors. A Kenner Auto Repair Service continuously updates their testing and repair equipment to make sure that they have the proper equipment to test and evaluate your car’s computers and sensors.
They are constantly updated on new techniques and products that will make your car run more efficiently and will extend the life of your car.

Kenner Auto Repair Service: Customer Oriented Service

The staff of a professional Kenner Auto Repair Service will take time to answer your questions, make sure you are aware of when you need regular maintenance done to your car, and will let you know of any issues that you need to be aware The experts at your local Kenner Auto Repair Service will also tell you about any problems that may come up with your vehicle that do not need to be taken care of at that moment. When you take your car in for its regular maintenance, the Kenner Auto Repair Service staff will inform you about how you can increase the life of your car and the best products to use for it.

A Kenner Auto Repair Service can be called upon if you have any problems and they will help you out. When you call the Kenner Auto Repair Service, the team will gladly answer questions and provide quality customer service that you deserve.

Any questions you have can be answered by anyone working at the local Kenner Auto Repair Service. Call a Kenner Auto Repair Service and you'll get questions answered by experts.

Kenner Auto Repair Service: Follow-Up

Reliable Kenner Auto Repair Service mechanics follow up their repair by ensuring that things are working well and that there are no new problems. A professional Kenner Auto Repair Service will have a garage that meets the needs of your specific make and model of vehicle, and they will provide the kind of customer service that will engender a long-term relationship.

The local Kenner Auto Repair Service aims to have a longstanding relationship with you that proves their high quality of good customer service. Unlike standard auto repair services, when you share a good relationship Kenner Auto Repair Service will be available to help you with repairs and breakdowns no matter how suddenly they happen. Your local Kenner Auto Repair Service technicians are always available to assist you and make sure that you are on the road again soon.

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Masters Complete Auto Repair has been taking care of my family vehicles for 8 years now. They have saved me from having to pay the note on a new vehicle. With Masters it has been cheaper to keep it fixed. They've done a good job with me.
Benny - Metairie
Masters has fixed my car when others could not. My Honda was diagnosed three times by the dealer as being a bad computer. My boyfriend knows about cars and replaced it to no avail. We were recommended to Masters Complete Auto Repair in Kenner by a friend. They did a diagnostic test and found it to be something totally different. They fixed it and it works great! I could not be happier. Thank you Masters Complete Auto Repair.
Bianca - New Orleans
Knowledge, experience, up to date diagnostics, qualified, capable, fix it right the first time guys, are words that I think of about Masters Complete Auto Repair in Kenner.
Chris - St. Rose